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On The Path Of A Mysterious, Pseudonymous Writer
Elsevier has a proud publishing historical past constructed on valued partnerships with authors to deliver high quality products to professionals and establishments all through the world. Today, as an info analytics company on the forefront of digital innovation, Elsevier’s dedication to those content partnerships has not wavered. We invite you to associate with us and attain a worldwide viewers together with your subsequent publication. When you publish with Elsevier, you`re part of a wide community with all the benefits that can convey. Find out tips on how to stay related, share your feedback and discover useful tips and tips for getting essentially the most out of your publishing expertise. As the authors observe, it is a preliminary research with a small knowledge set, and more analysis should be carried out to substantiate their findings.
Approach to the Patient articles use illustrative scientific scenarios as the premise for dialogue of the background to the diagnoses and/or the considerations in devising a therapeutic strategy in comparable circumstances. They should reference any pertinent medical follow tips, Pat Mazza treatment suggestions, and different literature, particularly any related newly printed literature. Approach to the Patient articles range from 2,000 to 5,000 phrases in length and are submitted by invitation from the Editor-in-Chief or a Deputy Editor. The Endocrine Society and Oxford University Press have partnered with select providers of language enhancing and different support services to authors for manuscript preparation. Please observe that use of these companies is optional, is fee-based, and does not assure that your manuscript might be accepted. As an writer you`re under no obligation to take up this supply.
Authors must provide disclosure data when submitting their manuscript. The intent of this disclosure is to establish any relationships present or during the previous 2 years with companies that make or supply products or services related to the subject material of the paper and different financial and non-financial interests. With full disclosure, the editors and readers can make knowledgeable choices about submitted and printed papers within the journals. Authors should additionally affirm that each particular person listed as authors participated within the Work in a substantive method, in accordance with ICMJE authorship guidelines, and is ready to take public duty for it. Proteomic papers that report molecular constructions, whether based mostly on x-ray crystallography, NMR, or computational modeling, can be accepted solely after the structural coordinates have been deposited in theWorldwide Protein Data Bank.
For assistance on preparing original figures and tables, authors ought to contemplate contactingAmerican Journal Experts. Mini-reviewsare brief evaluations, starting from 2,000 words to a maximum of 5,000 phrases, which are meant to reach a broad spectrum of endocrinologists. Mini-reviews ought to combine the latest discoveries with the current literature, providing critical analytical interpretation of the importance of any new information described.
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